#Entrepreneurs — 05.04.2018

Leading entrepreneurs learn how to boost sustainability in their business

Who Are the Entrepreneurs Taking Part in the 2018 Edition?

Close-up on the entrepreneurs who take part in this exclusive programme where BNP Paribas Wealth Management and the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) joined their forces to support leading entrepreneurs boosting sustainability in their business.

This March, international business leaders from around the world attended the first edition.The objectives were to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of the sustainability concept, understanding how sustainability can became a part of the decision making process, facilitating more nuanced discussions with their stakeholders, developing a narrative for sustainable development at all levels and enriching their long-term vision regarding how sustainability can support business.

Business leaders interacted with iconic CEOs, networked with sustainable entrepreneurs and innovators; met with climate change scientists from the British Antarctic Survey and visited the one-of-the-kind Polar lab.

This was a unique opportunity for business leaders seeking to embed sustainability within their organisations to lead transformational change in the wider economy to deliver a sustainable future. 

In their own words:

“I really enjoyed networking with very experienced people. A very stimulating seminar”.


Owner @Aussafer2, Italy

“I’m coming home with a lot of ideas and engagement”. 


Top Management @Modern Delta Ltd, Taiwan

“Lots of energy. I feel I have now the arguments to explain the concept: sustainability is like sport: you need to do it every day”.


Chairman of the Board of Directors @Schréder, Belgium

“The great line up of speakers made this program very inspiring. I am now convinced that economic growth, social wellbeing and environmental protection are perfectly compatible and not utopic at all. Thanks for building a group with such diverse profiles and experiences!”.


President & General Manager @Lenovo, France

“I come from a country where there are lots of needs. Lots of opportunities too”.


Board Member @Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd / Edelgive, India

“I was proud  to be invited to such an important, productive and useful programme. I was impressed and inspired by the level of the speakers”.


Trustee @Turkey Mozaik Foundation, UK