#Entrepreneurs — 28.11.2017

3 Questions for Dr. Laura Melis

Laureate of the 2017 “BNP Paribas Global Prize for Women Entrepreneurs"

We shared some major trends of our latest
BNP Paribas Global Entrepreneur Report with Laura Melis, laureate of the first "BNP Paribas Global Prize for Women Entrepreneurs", and asked her to comment.

80% of entrepreneurs believe that entrepreneurship is the best way to generate a positive impact on society. How do you generate your own impact?

L.M. Providing access to sustainable healthcare solutions across the entire Italian population is one of the cornerstones of our organizational model. This has been key to driving the success of our group.  

Like 65% of the women entrepreneurs, you are coming from an entrepreneurial family, what role did it play?

L.M. In my career, family role models played a vital role. I worked alongside my mother and general management from a young age, learning every sector and every department of our healthcare facilities. This experience helped me to improve structurally, technologically and organically the organization I am now leading.

Did you know that 70% of the Elite Entrepreneurs we surveyed see HealthTech as the number 1 exciting future development?

L.M. This doesn’t surprise me at all! In fact, it’s quite encouraging for our business. And we are not resting on our laurels.  In 2014, we created Sanitbook: the first platform in Italy to manage health documents allowing patients to share them with trusted specialists, even on an international level.