In 2018, the Next Gen programme travelled around the world! 

Wealth Management is truly committed to engaging with future leaders from around the world. Through its “TheNextGen Experience” programme deployed in Paris,Hong Kong and Silicon Valley,the business line aims to onboard future leaders from around the world.

The Next Gen programme is first and foremost a unique opportunity for these young heirs from Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the US to strengthen their financial knowledge and meet our top experts while sharing their goals with their peers and creating business opportunities. Each event aims to bring these young people together and, above all, to offer them unique and exclusive experiences.

Starting with Paris, during the Roland Garros tournament, some 50 Next Geners of our primary clients from 17 different countries met and consulted with our experts and senior managers in order to strengthen their knowledge of financial markets, learn about new ways of investing and discover new business models.

In Asia, in July, 45 heirs from Asian countries participated in three days of conferences. The programme was expanded beyond the three pillars of the family-owned business, entrepreneurship and corporate assets. In order to engage future leaders on the questions that concern them, the event focused on a range of subjects such as impact investing, changing technologies and their transformative role for companies. The “next geners” had the opportunity to meet several founders of Fintechs and startups and notably discussed the issues related to starting a company, the challenges involved and questions of balance between personal aspirations and family responsibilities. The NextGen Asia 2018 participants had three days of fun and enriching discussions for emerging leaders!

To complete this world tour, and for the second year in a row, Wealth Management welcomed 57 next gen-ers from 22 different countries to Silicon Valley, which is the perfect setting to explore the subjects of entrepreneurship, innovation and impact investing. They attended a range of conferences, visited the headquarters of highly innovative companies, notably Tesla, and met the most influential entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley.

Overall, the NextGen Experience programme deployed for the past several years by Wealth Management has already brought together more than 1000 millennials. Through this highly personalised programme,Wealth Management is committed to raising this population’s awareness of all issues relating to investment while giving them the opportunity to network and establish relationships they might not otherwise have access to.