#SRI — 27.07.2021

Wealth Side Stories #11: Clover Methodology

Emma and Julia wish to protect the environment, by leveraging green finance thanks to their private banker.


Emma: Mom, there is something I’ve been meaning to talk to you about for a long time. I’d like to become more involved and help protect the environment. I’ve been thinking that we could move our family investments in that direction.

Julia: I’m  concerned, too, Emma. And in fact, I’ve been working on it over the last few years. My first priorities were to ensure Teck&Go reduced its carbon footprint and became carbon neutral. I’m proud to say that, thanks to the entire staff, we’ve achieved our goal and also keep promoting best practices for being a sustainable company. We’re now looking to work with clients and suppliers who have the same mindset.

We’re one of the first companies in our market to leverage green finance. I don’t know if you know what this is, but they are financial instruments like bonds and loans that finance green projects and sustainable companies.

Emma: That’s great Mom, I’m impressed! I didn’t realize how far the company had gone in that direction already. I’m really proud!

Julia: It’s really important, Emma. Like you, I believe we need to all play our part in the fight to preserve the environment and ensure a sustainable future for the next generations. Not just for you, but also my grandkids and your grandkids.

Emma: Thanks, Mom!

You know, we can go even further. During a recent “Next Generation” event at Roland Garros, I learned that we can leverage our own personal investments to promote sustainability. Are you already doing this with Dad for our wealth management strategy?

Julia: Well, yes, but we are just beginning to, Emma.

Your dad and I have been speaking about this with our private banker and we’re looking at our investments to see how sustainable they are. Our goal is to enhance our impact even further. Alice, our private banker is coming to speak about it to this afternoon. Maybe you can join us?

Emma: I’d love too! Thanks, Mom!

Alice: Good afternoon Julia and Emma. I wanted to present you a new methodology we developed that will help you know the sustainability level of your investments across asset classes.

Emma: That’s interesting! I’d love to know more. How does that work?

Alice: In a nutshell, our new methodology measures the sustainability level of all financial instruments, whether responsible or not. We apply a consistent approach to position the sustainability level of each instrument, based on criteria adapted to the asset classes. The rating scale goes from 0 clovers– the least sustainable – to 10 clovers– the most sustainable. From 5 clovers, the companies and assets are considered sustainable and are included at the heart of a sustainable investment strategy.

Julia: This is fascinating. I like this approach because I can finally compare the sustainability of products  that make sense to me. With your methodology, we can align our investment portfolio with our sustainability objectives. Which means that we can contribute to a more sustainable future.

Emma: I didn’t know such methodology existed! This is great news. Do you think I could learn more about it? I’d love to help you work on this.

Julia: Of course, Emma! I’d love for you to become more involved in our family management. I’m sure Alice will help you learn more about the methodology, our portfolio of investments and what we can do to have more positive impact.

Alice: I’ll be happy to assist Emma! We have a lot of information available and great details about the methodology so you can become comfortable with it.

Emma: Thanks Alice. Thanks, Mom. I’m looking forward to that!. 


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