#SRI — 20.11.2019

Wealth Side Stories #7: Impact

Following her private banker advice, Mimma has created her philanthropic foundation. Emma is explaining how Mimma can have a positive impact.


Mimma: “You know Emma, looking back over the years, I’m the most proud of my charitable foundation. I really feel that we have been able to make a positive impact for a better world. Creating my philanthropic foundation was quite complex, but our Private Banker gave me the right advice, from helping me to define my objectives and beneficiaries, to choosing the right structure!

Emma: “I’m very proud too of what you have done, Mimma, with your foundation.  But what about your investments?  Did you make certain that they had a positive impact also?”

Mimma: “What do you mean?”

Emma: “Your investments can have a positive, negative or neutral impact on society. My generation is more committed than ever to ensuring that we have a positive footprint, as consumers, in our jobs, in our investments, and through our charitable donations.”

Mimma: “How can I do that?”

Emma: “With Mom and Dad, we went to see our Private Banker at BNP Paribas Wealth Management to talk about how we could have a better impact with our investment allocation. She gave us several solutions:
1. [EXCLUSION POLICIES] BNP Paribas applies certain exclusion policies to promote a more sustainable world.
2. [RESPONSIBLE INVESTMENTS]  She also talked about responsible investments where companies are screened using independent environmental, social and corporate governance criteria. So we were sure to invest in the sustainable ones that interested us in some specific sectors like water or recycling!
3. [IMPACT INVESTING] And Mimma, you can even go one step further. There are responsible investments that specifically measure and report on their concrete impact like the amount of water treated, tons of CO2 avoided, etc.”

Mimma: “It’s not only giving, but it’s also investing for good. Once again you have brought me some fresh and good ideas. I am so proud of you, Emma!”

BNP Paribas Wealth Management Wealth Side Stories

In this new #WealthSideStories series, meet Julia, Simon, Emma and Mimma in different situations impacting their heritage. Discover the solutions that BNP Paribas Wealth Management offers them in response to their problems, whether in real estate or private equity investments, expatriation or diversification.


At BNP Paribas Wealth Management, we help our clients to align their wealth with their convictions with regards to sustainable development.

To this end, we offer clients a comprehensive approach, ‘Positive Impact’, which comprises:

  • Identifying a client's Impact’or profile via our proprietary myImpact tool
  • 100% personalised advice from our highly qualified experts
  • A rating system built by our teams to explain and evaluate the investments on offer
  • A wide choice of philanthropy and investment solutions to suit everyone

Without compromising on the importance of performance, we offer our clients practical guidance to give meaning to their investments.

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