#Entrepreneurs — 20.11.2014

The BNP Paribas Wealth Management Global Entrepreneuralism Report 2015

This year's report shares the key factors linked to the path of wealth creation

Today's successful entrepreneurs – whether working for themselves or for the success of others as angel investors – are the dynamos producing most of the energy that powers the global economy. Who are they? What drives them to pursue success in a highly volatile business environment? What qualities or life experiences do the members of this remarkable community have in common, despite coming from different continents and distinctive cultures?

Over 2,500 HNW and UHNW individuals averaging a current net worth (excluding their primary residence) of USD 7.6 million responded to our survey. Our report which took a sampling spanning 17 countries across four regions – Europe, Asia, the United States and the Middle East, is perhaps the most significant in-depth study to date documenting what makes a wealth creator "tick", as well as the wealth creation patterns of angel investors.

Our findings reveal a number of factors that contribute to their financial success that one might assume present in such a group, such as a background of family business or certain cultural factors favoring prudent risk-taking, along with some culturally counter-intuitive aspects that may come as a surprise.