#Entrepreneurs — 24.05.2016

Big success for Martine Liautaud at the first WIF/Bank of the West event

A few weeks after we announced our partnership with the Women Initiative Foundation, Bank of the West Wealth Management in the United States held two mentoring events for women.


Martine Liautaud, President of the Women Initiative Foundation,  hosted a discussion on mentoring women at the Wealth Management Centers in San Francisco and Palo Alto in California on 10 and 12 May.

Martine Liautaud, featured guest

"Women entrepreneurs are genuine, wholehearted entrepreneurs – they have the same enterprising spirit as men. However, women tend to be less ‘networked’ and they’re also less keen to take on debt. We’ve now begun to understand the obstacles and the stereotypes which give rise to this situation and we’re working to come up the right solutions that will help ensure that women enjoy greater success in the world of business.”, explained Martine when BNP Paribas signed the partnership with Woman Initiative Foundation.

These ideas are also put forward in her book, “Breaking Through”, a guide to help women succeed in business. A book-signing session was held for participants.

“One of the best events I’ve ever been to”

The discussions were a great success among the hundred or so business executives and entrepreneurs who attended. “One of the best events I’ve attended”, said one participant. “I wish I had brought my friends. I would highly recommend the event to a friend”, said an other. 

The events were covered on Twitter, @bankofthewest and #MentoringWomenBOTW