#Philanthropy — 26.05.2016

Philanthropy Prize: Who Were Last Year's Laureates?

Let’s have a look at last year laureates of the BNP Paribas Prize for Individual Philanthropy

Grand Prize: Fayeeza and Arif Naqvi, Aman Foundation, Pakistan

Fayeeza and Arif Naqvi have always been steeped in philanthropy. Both were born in Karachi, Pakistan, and witnessed under-privilege in their home country at first-hand; both have long held a desire to give back to the community – especially as their professional lives have evolved over the last three decades.

After establishing the Aman Trust in 2006 as a vehicle to support their capital commitment towards giving back, in 2008, the Naqvi family established the Aman Foundation in Pakistan. Aman operates in two verticals – healthcare and education – and has built a unique track-record, principally in Karachi, through grant-giving and direct investment in a series of programs designed to create sustainable and systemic impact in the country. Though it is a non-profit, Aman is run on clear business principles, executing through a talent base of professionals primarily from private-sector backgrounds.

Jury’s Special Prize 2015 – Molly Melching, Tostan

Molly Melching has lived in Senegal for over 40 years. Her experience living and working in a Senegalese village led her to found Tostan in 1991 and pioneer a new type of development approach: the Community Empowerment Programme (“CEP”).

Tostan, which means “breakthrough” in the Wolof language, engages and empowers African communities through non-formal, human-rights based education taught in local languages and uses methods incorporating positive elements of African culture.

Tostan has reached over 200,000 participants directly and millions indirectly with significant results in the areas of governance, community health, education, economic development and the environment. Tostan currently works in Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Mauritania, Senegal, and Gambia in over 900 communities.