Alternative investments

Alternative investments

Alternative investments have become essential in diversified asset allocation, not only for institutional investors but for private investors as well. Through innovative techniques, alternative investments can complement a traditional portfolio.


At BNP Paribas Wealth Management, our dedicated team of alternative investment professionals seeks the best alternative investment strategies to meet your needs, whether they are focused on creating a portfolio with better resilience in bear markets and/or on generating absolute returns.

We believe that our selection, which includes a deep understanding of the inherent risks, can reinforce a traditional portfolio by:

  • Reducing overall volatility,
  • Diversifying your investments across different asset classes,
  • Generating uncorrelated returns versus traditional asset classes, 
  • Improving your overall risk-return profile.

From investment advice on alternative strategies to bespoke alternative investment portfolio management, our experts carefully select alternative strategies from a full range of investment vehicles covering all strategies with varying degrees of liquidity.

With a global network of specialists  and a robust administration team to support them, you can count on us to help you achieve peace of mind in your investment decisions.