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Inspiration For Investments

NEXTGEN PARIS - JUNE 2 to 4, 2019

With the help of INSEAD Business School

Do you want to build your financial knowledge whether you know nothing about investing or you do have notions? 


This NextGen event mixes talks on specialized subjects with active learning on new ways to add value to one’s investments… all while using innovative business models and disruptive technologies.

NextGen offers the opportunity to network with about 40 international young leaders—and to attend the quarterfinals of the French Open at Roland Garros in the prestigious BNP Paribas VIP lounge.

With our partners at INSEAD*, NextGeners will also participate in a unique learning Experience: leading a disruptive, innovative project for a global pseudo-company in a VUCA world (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity).  This Experience goes from taking a new product from idea to market, with all the associated execution hurdles along the way.  The Experience covers topics of customer centricity, agile execution, engaging with internal & external stakeholders, fundraising, international scaling, and selling your vision.

NextGeners will identify customer pains and needs, construct a value proposition, and build a minimum viable product… one that satisfies both those in your pseudo-company and your final clients.

And taking care of the behavioural part: NextGeners will learn to deal with building, borrowing, and buying decisions within different organizational cultures.

*L’INSEAD BUSINESS SCHOOL is a recognized academic institute, providing higher education in the discipline of social and economic sciences and other related disciplines. It offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, executive education and research activities.


Sunday June 2nd
20:00 Welcome cocktail dinner
Monday June 3rd
08:30 Welcome breakfast & registration
Ice breaking morning
What is happening in the financial markets?
Networking break
How to build an investment portfolio?
What's new in the Luxury Goods' sector?
Networking lunch
Be part of an innovative learning experience
20:00 Cocktail & dinner 
Tuesday June 4th
09:00 How can sustainability bring value to your investments?
All you ever wanted to know on Private Equity
Networking break
Our experts views on the Real Estate market
11:45 Roland Garros 

Previous edition:

Prime educative content on how to drive innovation through investments.

In June, BNP Paribas Wealth Management kicked off the NextGen Experience in Paris with a focus on building knowledge and understanding the techniques to sustainably grow wealth and business. The event combined lectures on specialised topics and active learning on new ways to add value through investments, innovative business models and disruptive technologies.

The attendees, about 30 NextGeners from 17 different countries, also had the opportunity to visit the world’s biggest startup campus Station F, and Ecole 42, a school based on peer-to-peer learning.          

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