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Who are the members of the Leaders' Connection?

Members are experienced investors with a track record investing in non-listed assets. The application is only accessible by invitation from a BNP Paribas Wealth Management’s Relationship Manager.

Is the Leaders' Connection accessible to advisors or family officers?

The platform is available to advisors and family officers in conditions defined by BNP Paribas Wealth Management Division.

What access rights are given to Relationship Managers?

Relationship Managers are passive users. While they have read-only access to all public posts, they are only able to view the IDs of members they cover. They will not be able to view either the picture or name of posts published by members they do not cover. The Relationship Managers also cannot view private discussions between members nor communications taking place outside the platform. Furthermore, Relationship Managers cannot interact with users on the platform; usual channels will be used to do so.

Who are the Leaders’ Connectors? What is their role?

The “Leaders’ Connectors” are Members of the Wealth Management Key Client Group (KCG). This team supports Relationship Managers in managing their key relations. Four of the KCG team Members are dedicated to assist Members with any questions related to the platform. Two of the Leaders’ Connectors are based in Paris, one is based in Singapore and another one is in Hong Kong.


Users can contact the Leaders’ Connectors by email or by phone in either Paris or Hong Kong/Singapore by clicking on the arrow on the right-hand side of the “I need assistance” banner.

What is the benefit of using the platform?

The Leaders’ Connection is a new communication channel to seek advice and ideas from peers. The platform is neither a selling platform nor an execution platform; it is a platform whereby selected investors can make contact with each other. Members cannot use the platform to sell products or assets; members have the option to search for co-investors. Members’ interests in opportunities displayed on the platform should always be aligned. It is not an execution platform. If a member is interested in exploring a co-investment opportunity, he/she will send a private message to the posting member via the platform. The message will be directed to the external personal email address.