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You have varied financial priorities.

We bring a unique blend of expertise and a solution focused mindset






At BNP Paribas Wealth Management, you will enjoy:



Your BNP Paribas Wealth Management Relationship Manager is backed by a team of experts who personalize and adapt BNP Paribas Group’s solutions to your key life events.


Experience a seamless journey through BNP Paribas' integrated platform


A solution-driven approach

family holding solution driven approach
  • Your relationship manager will give you access to all the group’s expertise
  • Your BNP Paribas Wealth Management Relationship Manager is backed by a team of experts who personalize and adapt BNP Paribas Group’s solutions to your key life events
  • Locally and globally, all our teams, from wealth planners and structurers to investment bankers and real estate brokers, are mobilised for you



We offer a fully-fledged investment offering across all assets and markets, a rare mix of financing expertise on listed assets and real assets as well as a unique private asset deal flow negotiated by Wealth Management experts.


Connect with our experts on your own terms

We adapt to your investment style

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Leverage on our Trading Solutions

     Benefit from cutting-edge & innovative over-the-counter derivatives provided
by a recognised market maker

Our solutions are available across Europe, Asia and the US

Family Holdings

Benefit from the power of BNP Paribas' balance sheet


We offer a unique mix of expertise

Family Holdings


Take advantage of a negociated access to an exclusive deal flow


In Private & Alternative Investments

Family Holding flexible
Family Holding Exclusive




Join an active community of international peers. Leverage on our succession and transmission programmes dedicated to the Next Generation of heirs & heiresses.


Join our active communities


Contact your Relationship Manager to discuss the events offered


The Single Family Office Forum

Share your opinions with international peers during a two-day event hosted in several locations. Discuss the key trends of the quarter with European leaders



The Next Gen Experience

Equip the heirs and heiresses in the 23-35 year bracket across the world to build their own company or take over the family business/wealth


Inspiration for investments



Explore personal, family, & social endeavours



Innovate for impact




In conclusion, we offer a full spectrum of wealth solutions  

Corporate conclusion


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