myWealth, your connected Private Bank

With myWealth, you can access your latest portfolio information, view past transactions, access statements, view equity research and more in just a few clicks.

            myWealth also available on your smartphone

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myWealth, your digital private bank, can be accessed from your computer, smartphone or laptop (Apple and Android) anytime, anywhere.

The myWealth app provides the functions of the website, with all the freedom offered by your mobile device.

From your laptop or smartphone, you can manage your connection and become your own authentication key by activating the “Touch ID” fingerprint recognition function (iPhone only).

Download myWealth Monaco from the App Store or Google Play


myWealth offers you a high degree of security with three levels of authentication, providing optimum protection at all times. Your information is protected by strict compliance with our stringent data security protocols.

Holistic Overview

  • Get a clear overview of your investment portfolios and details about your financial positions.
  • View individual portfolio breakdown by asset class and currency distribution, or across all your portfolios with us.
  • Generate performance analysis of your chosen asset class within a portfolio, with easy visualization tools.
  • View instrument details within portfolios, including related desk notes published by the bank on that specific instrument.
  • Search your Transaction History for each portfolio by date, or even Instrument Name, Currency, or Booking Type.

e-Statements & Documents

  • Go paperless and make an environmentally friendly statement!
  • Receive all of your bank documents and notices on myWealth, and easily download, save, and print as required.
  • Choose from pre-generated monthly statements, or simply create reports based on your preferred date range.


Safely execute your market orders  and your payments 

myWealth is co-created with clients, based on your feedback we are upgrading your experience to simplify your navigation and access to your most important informations.