Want to design a positive future?

In a changing world, your wealth can have a positive impact on future generations.

The transfer of your wealth is an important process that requires a long-term approach and planning. Each case is different and depends on your individual objectives, your constraints and how you choose to manage your assets, investments and projects.

Thanks to a global understanding of your wealth – private and professional – we are ideally placed to help you manage your legacy.

Preserving The Future Of Your Family

BNP Paribas Wealth Management helps you in the transmission of family wealth to future generations thanks to careful planning. This protection can take the form of insurance policies and personal protection cover which guarantee you an income or annuity. We also offer long-term solutions to protect your private assets – whether it be your real estate, financial portfolios.

Preserving The Future Of Your Business

If you are planning to sell or transfer your company, preparation is vital to ensure that it achieves the value it deserves or that all of the conditions are in place to optimise its transfer.

BNP Paribas Wealth Management works with you to define the relevant solutions for your sales and acquisitions, structuring of investor relations (shareholders agreements, LMBO, FBO), structuring of holding solutions, restructuring and consolidation of business assets, and more.

Our Entrepreneur Private Bankers are also on hand to discuss your current level of protection. They will help you identify additional needs by assessing the degree of cover most suited to your financial situation.

How to Plan for Your Exit Strategy?



The future of your loved ones and your business will always be a concern. That is why it is crucial to put the necessary measures in place to protect them against the different risks they might face.

Working alongside your usual advisors (notary, lawyer, accountant, etc.), we help plan the legacy of your wealth. We take into account your personal objectives, your financial situation and assets, as well as your legal, tax, private and professional requirements and constraints.

As well as helping you achieve your immediate financial objectives, we know that wealth management needs to be considered throughout a lifetime. Your Private Banker is committed to providing the comprehensive and made-to-measure management services you need.

BNP Paribas Wealth Management is a leading global private bank and the largest private bank in the Eurozone. Present in three hubs in Europe, Asia and the US, over 7,000 professionals provide a private investor clientele with solutions for growing and transferring their wealth by creating long-term value for them, their family and the society in general. The bank has €385 billion worth of assets under management (as at 31 October 2019).