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Whom we are serving

As TEB Private Banking, we steadily created a long-term relationship with our customers based on mutual loyalty with different products, customers and service models for long years thanks to our trustworthy and consistent approach since 1989.  

Building tree

As the founder and pioneer of private banking in Turkey, we continue to serve our customers who have consigned their assets, valuing at a total of 3 million TRY and above, to us under the "single contact" principle.  In this respect, with our expertise in wealth management, we aim at adding long-term value to our customers in their banking and financing transactions.

In addition, under TEB Private Banking, we continue to provide Wealth Management Service to our customers who consigned their assets valuing at 15 million TRY and above to our bank and their family members. 


Single Contact  

All transactions of our TEB Private customer in our bank are followed up by one "TEB Private Banking Customer Agent" dedicated only to him/her. 

Thanks to our principle of single contact and expert staff  with banking experience of 18 years in average, we serve our special customers under a business model which thinks of the future of assets as per changing market conditions, alerts the changing conditions while proposing new perspectives.  

Products & Services