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We have redeveloped the CEPTETEB Mobile Application for Private Banking customers!

As a TEB Private Banking customer, in addition to your banking transactions through CEPTETEB;

  • You can read investment reports published daily and monthly.
  • With Financial Analysis Reports, you can examine your assets and returns in our bank in detail for any date you want.
  • You can access Campaigns under the Special for You menu and review the campaigns by selecting the category you are interested in with the filter feature. With a single click, you can easily see how much you spent on the campaigns you participated in.
  • You can submit the approvals you need for your orders and derivative transactions with a single click, thanks to the Mobile Approval feature.
  • You can easily benefit from the Istanbul Airport Buggy & Fast Track privilege by generating a QR code. Click for detailed information.
  • You can benefit from the Fast Track privilege at contracted airports by generating a QR code. Click for detailed information.
  • Under the Special for You menu, you can see the bonus you have earned for the total of all the main cards + additional cards you have in the last year, and the total discount amount you have earned thanks to the advantages of your cards.
  • Thanks to the Notification Center, you can access all read or unread notifications sent to you through the application. In this way, you can see the campaigns and notifications sent to you in one place.
  • You can choose which transactions and developments you would like to receive notifications about your accounts, payments and investments via the settings menu.
  • Even if you do not have a bank card with you, you can withdraw money from ATMs by generating a QR code through the application.

    You can download the CEPTETEB application immediately from the links below.