#Podcast — 18.05.2022

Just keep buying

Edmund Shing, Global Chief Investment Officer

In this podcast, Edmund Shing discusses the stock market.

  • Stock market investors should keep a long-term investment horizon, even when stock markets fall.
  • Time in the market is much more effective than trying to time the market
  • Stock markets this year have fallen, but that gives an attractive entry point for long-term., patient investors. Remember, markets tend to "climb the wall of worry"
  • Yes we expect slower economic growth in 2022-23, but judging from history, stock markets can still rise when growth slows.
  • US individual investor sentiment is already very depressed, at levels only before seen in 1990 and 2009. From such depressed sentiment levels, stock markets have previously rebounded by an average 12% over the next 6 months.
  • We favour one of: Low Volatility stocks, High Quality Stocks or structured products to limit the exposure to any further stock market falls, while getting upside exposure to any stock market recovery.