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Head of Business & Sales Management, Singapore

Discover the interview of Adrian CHONG from Singapore.

Transcript of the video


A: Adrian Chong

J: the journalist


J: Hello, Adrian. Can you tell us about yourself?


A: I've been with the bank for five years.

I head up the Business and Sales Management function for Wealth Management Asia. It's a function encompassing four areas: the Chief of Staff function, the Sales Management function, Analytics, and the Marketing team.

On the day to day, it could range from topics around a discussion with the CEO on a business strategy to a team discussion with my team members around the planning of a sales initiative, or the execution of a client event, or the rollout of a sales tool for the front office.

So in all these discussions that I have on a daily basis, I try to bring the right expertise to leverage on my team's strength to address some of the issues or to put forward new ideas for implementation.


J: And you have a very interesting career path. Can you elaborate on the choices that guided you?


A: I started off my career as a civil servant in the Ministry of Finance of Singapore. And then I was working on investment policies, development finance, and dealing with World Bank topics.


A: It has also brought me a lot of passion for the topic of sustainability. After that, I moved into consulting. I did M&A due diligence for about three years before joining the wealth management industry.

I'm really glad that I'm here with BNP Paribas to make a positive impact. After all, we are the bank for a changing world.


J: What does it mean for you?


A: I think our BNP Paribas platform is really second to none. We have the best-in-class investment platform. We have a competitive credit offering, and we have the full suite of One Bank capabilities.


A: What I think are the two differentiators for us, especially for clients here in Asia, would be one. It's the French heritage that we can leverage on to give a unique client experience to our clients.

The other key differentiator is to maximize our leadership position in sustainability. And this is really to make a positive impact on our clients as well as on the community that we serve.


J: Thank you, Adrian