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Senior Relationship Manager, Hong Kong SAR

Discover the interview of Celine ZHAO from Hong Kong.

Transcript of the video


C: Celine Zhao

J: the journalist


J: Hello, Celine. Can you introduce yourself in a few words?


C: I'm a private banker with BNP Paribas. This year actually marks the 10th anniversary of my career at BNP Paribas. My role is essentially building and developing long-term relationships with clients and understanding their unique needs and objectives and help them to find financial solutions.


J: Can you tell us about your daily business?


C: I help clients, especially with the current market turbulence, doing trades, having internal meetings with our experts to construct different proposals, and I also do networking with external experts such as trustees, lawyers, and consultants.


J: And what's your personal driver in this mission?


C: I think it's the trust that the client puts in me and also the loyalty that we've been building throughout the years. That really makes me keep striving to provide my clients with high quality service. Over the years, many of my clients introduced to me their second generation (family members). We discuss about succession planning. We discuss about their own family business.


J: And can you tell us about a remarkable deal?


C: Actually, the client is an Asian tycoon, and it was his first time purchasing a commercial building in the UK. With the help of our real estate company inside the BNP Paribas Group, we were able to help the client win this bid. At the end, the client was very happy.


J: Is there some evolution you've witnessed in the wealth management industry?


C: With all these geopolitical tensions, wealth management bankers need to be equipped with a lot more knowledge, a lot more skills from not only within the banking sector, but also other sectors.


J: Thank you, Celine.