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Chief Digital Officer, Singapore

Discover the interview of Vivien JONG from Singapore.

Transcript of the video


V: Vivien Jong

J: the journalist


J: Hello Vivien. Can you introduce yourself in a few words and tell us about your role?


V: Sure. Actually, I'm quite a risk taker. I started out in game development as a first career for a couple of years without knowing how to game or even play a game myself.

And then the second risk I took was to enter banking as a second job and I didn't know what banking was all about. It's been about 20 years since then. Now I'm responsible for the digital experience of all clients across APAC to make digital banking a seamless and delightful experience for all clients.

Wealth Management is really a highly personal relationship business. We are here to understand our clients’ needs, their financial goals, and aspirations.

My role here is to augment this relationship between our clients and our relationship managers, to optimize the business operations, to create new business value simply by delivering digital experiences for them.


J: So can you tell us about your daily business?


V: Besides building all digital offerings for our clients, I also make sure that each and every client journey is as simple and efficient as possible.

And the other side of my role is really around innovation. I run an innovation lab in Singapore with the purpose of fostering innovation, encouraging creativity and experimentation throughout the organization.


J: And what are you most proud of so far?


V: I have to say that my current team, a high performing team, is my proudest career moment for sure. The people that I have hired are very different.

We have done amazing things in this bank that we thought not possible. We have built an innovation lab in Singapore that looks different from the rest of the bank. We have built a culture of design thinking, rolling out 60-day challenges not only at Wealth Management, but across the bank. So this team is really the highlight of my career.


J: How did you build your team?


V: I hired to fill skill gaps, because I believe that for innovation in Asia to succeed, we must have the right combination of talents. We cannot hire the same profile within the same team. So that collective wisdom, that collective intelligence is something which is greater than the sum of its parts.


J: And why is keeping up with new innovations important for BNP Paribas Wealth Management?


V: Innovation gives the bank the ability to understand clients better in order to make more relevant products and services to serve the client's individual needs.


J: Thank you, Vivien.