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Learn more about Blackstone Real Estate Partners Asia II’s strategy through a discussion between our expert in Private Real Estate and a Managing Director of Blackstone Real Estate.



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Jean-Michel Beghin
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1.    Overview on Asian economy
    •    Post-Covid, the economy has not yet fully reopened in Asia, which may offer attractive investment opportunities
    •   Asia is the fastest-growing economy in the world (38% of global GDP growth in Asia in 2021)


2.    BREP Asia II, at the end of Q3 2021
    •     $7.4bn (fund size)
    •     76% of the fund is already invested and/or committed
    •     Sector allocation
            •     35% invested in offices
            •     30% invested in logistics
            •     10% invested in retail
            •     25% invested in other real estate asset classes (e.g. hotels, residential)
    •     Geographical allocation
            •    86% invested in China, India, Japan and Australia

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