Our business network: A ONE-STOP SHOP FOR CORPORATES


Boost your company’s growth and its international expansion!

Leverage on our unrivalled international presence, responsible offering and deep longstanding relationship with a broad investor base.

Your Relationship Manager will select the most suitable experts within the BNP Paribas ecosystem to cater to your specific needs:

- Advising you on raising equity: private placements, IPOs, issuance of shares, and/or convertible instruments, rights issuance, wealth engineering

- Helping you to expand your business: acquisitions, minority stake acquisitions, partnerships/joint ventures

- Sale of controlling stakes: disposals, shareholder reorganisation, identification of financial partners, asset optimisation, financing engineering

- Assisting you with the day-to-day: lending, insurance, payments, cash management, factoring, trade financing, FX services, leasing solutions for professional equipment, vehicle fleet