Millennials: Take the fast track to Wealth Management!

Whether you are an entrepreneur, heir, student or expert having wealth
can open up a host of possibilities to achieve great things.

Is your goal to protect and grow your wealth while playing a role in making
the world a better place?

We invite you to bring your vision to life and
pave the way to your success using 3 main ingredients:
Simplicity, Proactivity and Networking






  • We build and implement whole financial solutions and you reap the benefits
  • We use simple language to explain our solutions





  • We propose different investment scenarios to help you seize your dream opportunity, when the right time comes
  • Benefit from ingenious investment solutions





  • Join an international network of Millennials
  • Chat with wealth management and business experts from around the world


Your Relationship Manager will facilitate your life by discussing strategies to protect and grow your wealth, providing detailed financial statements, perusing your legal documents and sending recommendation letters for administration purposes upon your request.

Using the e-banking tool, you can manage your cash balance, receive investment recommendations in a secure live chat, market updates and e-statements as well as place stock market orders.

We protect and grow your assets while helping you achieve a positive impact on society.

Please note that the range of services varies from one country to the next.


We provide tailor-made wealth structures (e.g. holding companies, trusts, foundations and partnerships) based on a diagnosis of your personal preferences and goals.

Specific attention is paid to family governance aspects to avoid family conflicts.

We work with you to tackle and resolve any civil law issues in your family while considering at the same time the potential financial consequences for you and your loved ones.





Stay up-to-date with new investment strategies, other families’ experiences and high value entrepreneurship stories.

Learn the principles of investing, estate planning, tax, financing, SRI and impact investing.

From tailor-made training programmes to social events, we adjust our teach-in programmes to your level of knowledge.


Are you relocating to another jurisdiction?
Do you live in two or more countries?

If so, we can help you navigate in a new financial landscape.

Administrative, tax, and legal aspects of your relocation: overview of income/ inheritance/gifting tax, transferability of financial investments, timing of a transaction and/or an arbitrage.

Open a bank account and benefit from our credit options for new clients, design a customised investment plan,
use a home relocation assistance plan, a healthcare plan and school & childcare programmes.

The range of services may vary from one country to the next.





A New Generation of Digital Tools
A portfolio planner & performance booster "Strategic-A",  an impact profiler "myImpact"

Impact Consulting
Where would you like your investments to stand across the sustainability spectrum?

Positive Growth



Efficient Holding Structure
Consider the legal and tax aspects of asset ownership

Financing Solutions
Finance your residential property in multiple locations
Pledge your financial assets to borrow money and reinvest in an investment portfolio or in another project

Insurance Solutions
Protect against pre-defined risks and benefit from liquidity solutions in the event of pre-identified events





Thematic Funds  
In the areas of Health Care, Demographics, Environmental, Social, Inclusiveness, IT Technology

Structured Products
Baskets of Tech names with lower entry points

Direct investments
Private placements, Co-investment opportunities, Controlling & minority stake acquisitions

Smart Real Estate  
Access the” Silicon Valleys” of Europe, Smart & Sustainable buildings

Private Equity
Exclusive access to prestigious managers

Philanthropy strategy
After discussion with us, decide whether to pursue or restructure the family philanthropy or start your own project








Designing a strategic asset allocation is one of the solutions!

Our exclusive Strategic-A tool does just that: based on your specific objectives, projects and constraints, our team of experts analyses the strategic asset allocation of your wealth and suggests ways to fine-tune it.

Strategic-A is a powerful decision-making tool that helps you to identify and clarify key strategic asset allocation guidelines for the future, for instance in a transmission context or following the sale of a company, when there is a significant amount of cash to invest.

Key steps of a Strategic-A analysis are the following:

i) our experts produce a consolidated overview of your global wealth by asset class whatever the asset, including illiquid and unlisted assets (such as direct Real Estate, Private Equity, private companies, land …);
ii) based on our robust proprietary quantitative modelling, they provide you with a thorough risk-return diagnostic of your wealth allocation;
iii), they investigate and build potential scenarios to optimise your portfolio allocation in order to better reflect your investor profile and your specific needs.


Your Relationship Manager is your trusted partner to advise you on all life decisions, whether small or big. He/she will explain the risks and opportunities to help you understand the potential outcomes/scenarios.

Whether you wish to be in control of your investments or prefer to entrust them to a team of specialists, our team of investment advisors and your Relationship Manager will help you identify appropriate solutions.

In addition, the recommended financial products are rated in-house to measure their sustainability level.

Identify your sustainability profile, both as an investor and as a philanthropist via our proprietary tool: myImpact.

Determine, with your Relationship Manager, the level of impact you wish to have.

Implement the impact solutions that match your personal convictions.


Our wealth planning strategists are at your service. They review and recommend, on an ongoing basis, the most appropriate wealth structures adapted to each jurisdiction and any changes to your personal situation and goals.

Our wealth planners work hand-in-hand with your personal advisors to provide the best solutions, in a strictly neutral and confidential way.

The safest option is to have a plan in place in the event of a pre-determined scenario that could hamper the transfer of the family’s wealth.

Our Strategic-A tool helps investors define the optimal asset allocation in light of their objectives, risk tolerance and other constraints.

It is a unique tool insofar as it takes into account all asset classes, including illiquid ones (such as Private Equity, Real Estate, rural land – such as vineyards) and delivers a 360° scope of an investor’s wealth. This allows us to conduct a bespoke analysis of long-term strategic asset allocation simulations.

BNP Paribas has been helping businesses of all sizes in 68 countries to grow responsibly worldwide for 200 years.

Your Relationship Manager will get in touch with the most suitable experts within the BNP Paribas ecosystem to cater to your specific needs.

Our bank is organised by business line:



Corporate Banking, Financing, cash management and financial advisory services
Global Markets, Capital markets investment and financing
Securities Services,  Securities custodian and administrator


BNP Paribas Cardif, Insurance
BNP Paribas Asset Management, Asset Management
BNP Paribas Wealth Management, Private Banking
BNP Paribas Real Estate, Real Estate services


BNP Paribas, French Retail Banking
BNP Paribas Fortis, Retail Banking in Belgium
BNL, Retail Banking in Italy
BGL BNP Paribas, Retail Banking in Luxembourg
International Retail Banking: Retail Banking outside the eurozone
Arval, Equipment Solutions
BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions, Financial solutions and services for professional equipment
BNP Paribas Personal Finance, Credit for individual customers
BNP Paribas Personal Investors, Digital banking and investment services
Nickel, Account service open to all