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Artwork in ICD Brookfield Place Office


Paulo Coelho, Kav Ahangar


Poetic references to the flora of the UAE often draw upon the beauty, endurance, and symbolism associated with the endemic regional flora. Emirati poetry frequently invokes imagery of desert flowers, such as the Ghaftree, Desert Rose, and Arak Bush, to convey themes of strength, resilience, and the ability to thrive in challenging circumstances.

These references highlight the deep connection between nature and the cultural heritage of the UAE. The Ghaf tree being a symbol of tolerance and resilience is the inspiration for this artwork collaboration between Kav and Paulo. Both works create a dialogue that explores the endurance of the Ghaf tree and the cross pollination that happens through the elements in the desert. A sequence in nature that allows it to thrive.

The wind is the carrier in the desert and this creates the form of Paulo’s vessels. Islamic Geometry is a mathematical grid from which Kav’s tree has been designed. It is built on connection and mathematics. He designed the tree with the same six point grid that the ancient UAE art of Al Khous weaving is based on, it is also the same grid used to draw the seed of life and to the flower of life. His artwork is a symmetrical design of the tree as you face it.

The Ghaf tree can survive due to its deep roots as they are able access water further underground in ways other trees in the region cannot. The roots themselves become a vessel to breathe life not only into the tree but into the surrounding eco-system and the wind carries the seeds across the desert. The roots are symbolised through Paulo’s vessel and the wind element through the shape and form of the vessel and the delicate seeds that are both attached to the vase and the wall connecting directly back to Kav’s work.

by Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho

Artist and entrepreneur from a family of artists, having studied painting, sculpture, music, literature, and photography. Graduated in 2019 in film and animation at the University of The Sign Art & Academy in Florence, Italy. In 2017, he was an apprentice ceramicist for three years with Claudio Massa, an Italian master of ceramics. He also studied contemporary ceramics with Eric Landon in Denmark.

Coelho moved to Abu Dhabi, UAE, in 2020, where he founded Studio COE, a space to teach and distribute his passion for art and ceramics to the community. He founded COE Ceramics, a brand specializing in interior decor and bespoke objects for hotels and restaurants in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Coelho also participated in regional art installations and projects focused on art and heritage, developing projects that connect to the history and roots of the region.

by Kav Ahangar

Kav Ahangar

Kav Ahangar
Geometric Artist

A Persian Artist brought up in Dubai. After leaving his 10-year career as Head of Merchandise Planning in Dubai’s Luxury Fashion Retail Industry, Kav travelled through South America for 2 years exploring his art. In semi-isolation, The Amazon Jungle is where he found his Geometric direction. Using the same geometries that Molecules in nature use to connect and create everything around us, Kav’s art represents the interconnectivity of everything and everyone.

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