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Terms and Conditions of Use

Your use of the BNP Paribas SA (DIFC Branch) website (hereafter “Site”)  is governed by the following terms and conditions of use (hereafter, “Terms and Conditions of Use”). Your continued use of the Site is deemed acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Use (including the collection and processing of your personal data in accordance with our Data Protection Policy) which are subject to change (without notice). You are encouraged to read these Terms and Conditions of Use each time you use/access the Site.

BNP Paribas SA (DIFC Branch) is a company incorporated under the laws of Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) with commercial License number 6379, with its registered office at DIFC, ICD Brookfield Place, Level 44, Unite L44-01, PO Box 506573, Dubai, UAE. BNP Paribas SA (DIFC Branch) is duly regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority ("DFSA").

Purpose of this Site

This Site aims at providing internet users with information concerning BNP Paribas Wealth Management globally and in the Middle East & Africa.

The information provided on this Site is not to be construed as:

  • an offering of products or services;
  • a proposal or inducement to make investments or to undertake investment in securities;
  • an inducement/a solicitation to purchase or sell securities or any other financial instrument/product
  • a recommendation; or
  • all or part of a contract.

This Site is for consultation and general information purposes only and does not allow transactions of any kind to be carried out.

BNP Paribas reserves the right to remove any information available on this Site (regardless who is the party to input such information), permanently or temporarily (inter alia, for maintenance purposes or to update it) without any notice. BNP Paribas shall have no liability or responsibility to you in any manner whatsoever if it chooses to do so.

BNP Paribas does not consider users of this Site to be clients merely by their access to it.

This Site is published by:

BNP Paribas
A French société anonyme (public limited company) with a capital of EUR 2.468.663.292
Registered under no. 662 042 449 with the Register of Trade and Companies of Paris
CE TVA : FR 76662042449
N° ORIAS : 07 022 735
Head Office: 16 boulevard des Italiens 75009 PARIS – FRANCE
Legal representative: Mr. Jean-Laurent Bonnafé - Director and Chief Executive Officer
Editorial director: MMe. Servane COSTREL DE CORAINVILLE, Deputy Head of Communications, BNP Paribas Wealth Management
Hosting: IT BNP Paribas Wealth Management

If any provision(s) of these Terms and Conditions of Use is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable, all other provisions shall be severed and remain in full force and effect.

This Site  is governed by the laws of the DIFC. Any disputes arising therefrom will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts governed by the Court of the DIFC. Any and all access and/or usage of this Site shall be deemed formal and unreserved acceptance of these provisions and of this notice.

Conditions of Access to this Site

This Site access or the use or collection of data from this Site may be prohibited in certain countries.

Please ensure that you are legally authorized to visit and access this Site in the country from which the connection is made, which compliance therewith is your sole responsibility.

You agree not to:

a) use this Site in any unlawful manner or in a manner which promotes or encourages illegal activity including (without limitation) copyright infringement; or

b) attempt to gain unauthorized access to this Site, or any networks, servers or computer systems connected to this Site; or

c) modify, adapt, translate or reverse engineer any part of this Site or re-format or frame any portion of the pages comprising them.

You agree to indemnify BNP Paribas and its group companies in full and on demand from and against any loss, damage, costs or expenses which they suffer or incur directly or indirectly as a result of your use of this Site otherwise than in accordance with these Terms and Conditions of Use.

BNP Paribas and its group companies shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage that you might sustain using this Site, including without limitation the loss or corruption of files and data stored on your media or on any medium connected thereto or inserted therein.

BNP Paribas and its group companies shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect damages relating to the use of documents or information appearing on and other services rendered via this Site.

BNP Paribas reserves the right (but without any obligation) to revise the content of this Site, and these Terms and Condition of Use at its sole discretion from time to time without notice.

BNP Paribas and its group companies shall not be held liable for any delay, mistake or omission relating to the contents of this Site, nor for any interruption or non-availability of the services or inability to access this Site.

Save for and to the extent of any liability which cannot be excluded under law, BNP Paribas and its group companies shall not be held liable for any omission or error on this Site, all such responsibility being fully and absolutely disclaimed.

All the information shown in this Site are provided as a guide for information only and under no circumstances may it be deemed to be exhaustive, accurate, complete or up to date. No reliance should be made on such information. Accordingly, all such information must be independently checked and verified by the user.

BNP Paribas is under no obligation to update or change any part of the information or content appearing on this Site.

No information contained on this Site is to be considered a legal, tax, accounting or financial advice and no information shall be relied upon as such. BNP Paribas and its group companies disclaim any responsibility for any decision taken on the basis of information contained this Site, as well as for the use thereof which could be made by third parties.

Confidentiality and Integrity

It should be borne in mind that the confidentiality and integrity of internet communications is not guaranteed and BNP Paribas and its group companies do not make any representation whatsoever, whether express or implied, on the same.

It is the responsibility of all users to take appropriate measures to protect their proprietary data and/or software from contamination by any viruses spread through the internet.

There is a risk that the content and source of any messages that you send via this Site may be intercepted and/or modified. BNP Paribas and its group companies disclaim all responsibility in that respect.

Copyright and Reproduction Laws

All elements of this Site, including data, drawings, graphics, pictures, documents for download, are protected by intellectual property rights belonging to BNP Paribas, its group companies or its commercial partners, licensors or concessionaries of licenses. Furthermore, trademarks, logos and trademarks services present on this Site are registered in France and/or abroad and are the exclusive property of BNP Paribas, its group companies or its commercial partners, licensors or concessionaries of licenses. You are not authorized to copy, reproduce, distribute, exploit, transfer, enhance, alter, modify or use any trademarks, logos, trademarks services or other element of this Site in anyway without the prior written consent of BNP Paribas.

Nothing on this Site should be interpreted as granting any license or a right to use any intellectual property or other rights of this Site therein.

Sharing Content

Some of our services or some of the features on this Site allow you to post content, send messages and/or to share, create or comment on information between the users of these services,and/or this Site.

The information, comments and content published or shared are considered public as they can be seen by other users. For this reason, we reserve the right at all times (but without this constituting an obligation) to remove from our services , and/or this Site , any content or information deemed unethical, objectionable, undesirable or offensive, with or without notice, and, if necessary, suspend or terminate user accounts without any liability to you.

Cookies Policy

The user is informed that during their use of this Site, a cookie may be automatically installed and temporarily held in memory or in the hard disk. A cookie is an element which does not enable user identification but is used to register some information relating to the user's website browsing. The users of this Site acknowledge this practice and authorize BNP Paribas to do so.

Please access the BNP Paribas Cookies policy for more informations.

Hypertext Links

Please note that you leave this Site when you click on a hypertext link. BNP Paribas shall not be held liable for the contents encountered or any damage incurred when you visit sites to which you are directed by hypertext links on this Site. Visits to other sites are made under your own responsibility and at your own risk. In addition, no guarantee is provided with regard to the content of third-party internet sites which are listed and/or accessible via a hypertext link from this Site. All hypertext links to this Site are subject to BNP Paribas express and prior authorization.

Videos and Podcasts

The videos and podcasts that have been uploaded on this Site have been produced under the sole responsibility of their producers. 

Personal Data

While using this Site, you may provide BNP Paribas with personal data (hereafter “Data”) and you agree that you do so on a voluntary basis.  BNP Paribas acts as controller for processing the Data. Please refer to the Data Protection Notice of BNP Paribas Wealth Management Middle East to be informed about the processing of your Data by BNP Paribas and about your rights. Any queries about the use of personal data by BNP Paribas should be referred to the contact details mentioned in the Data Protection Notice of BNP Paribas. You can also contact the DIFC Commissioner of Data Protection to raise a claim. Where you provide BNP Paribas with Data relating to other individuals, you represent and undertake that you would have, prior to doing so, obtained each such individual’s consent that you may do so.  When the Data is processed, BNP Paribas shall comply with the applicable laws and regulations ( Data Protection law DIFC (5) of 2020,).

By posting content, sending messages and/or sharing, creating or commenting on information on this Site, you acknowledge and accept that personal data and other forms of information relating or connecting to you or (where applicable) other individuals may become publicly available information, and you accept full responsibility and risks in connection with this.  You agree to indemnify BNP Paribas and its group companies in full and on demand from and against any loss, damage, costs or expenses which they suffer or incur directly or indirectly as a result of information you may post, send, share or create on this Site and/or the Content Apps.

While BNP Paribas will use its best efforts to take all reasonable precaution to ensure that the Data under its control and possession is secure, it however cannot exclude all risks associated with use of this Site, and BNP Paribas and its group companies shall not be held liable in respect of such risks.  Accordingly, when the Data is provided, you are aware and consent that other users of this Site may view the Data.

By accessing this Site, you agree that the Data transmitted on or through this Site shall be processed and used in accordance with these Terms and Conditions of Use.

Terms and conditions of use