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#InspiringWomen - The Challenges Of Creating A Foundation

Learn more about Sophie Sidos, Chairwoman @Fondation Louis Vicat in France. She participated to the 2019 “BNP Paribas Women Entrepreneur Program” at Stanford University.

Sophie Sidos

Foundation Louis Vicat (France)

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“The advice that I would give to the women who would like to be entrepreneurs is: Never give up!”

Sophie Sidos ∨

Chairwoman @FONDATION LOUIS VICAT (France)

In 2017, the bicentennial year of the discovery of artificial cement by Louis Vicat, Sophie founded the corporate foundation of which she is Chairman. It promotes scientific culture, safeguards heritage assets made in concrete—particularly through the use of cement—, and furthers social solidarity.This came after many years with the family firm, Vicat, a diversified cement manufacturer based in France that operates facilities worldwide. After starting in the Group’s management control service in Paris in 1992, she was for some years Sales Manager—and the first woman in the Group to occupy such a position—for the company’s cement business in France’s southeast region.

She is currently Vice-Chairman of the Vicat Group’s holding company, PARFININCO, and a member of the board of a dozen subsidiaries spread across the globe, from Switzerland to Senegal and from India to the United States.

In 2018 she was named Vice-Chairman of the Benvenuto Club, the Berlioz Festival’s business club, through which she exercises her commitment to education and culture. Sophie Sidos is also on the Board of ADOSM, an association providing support to French naval personnel.

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