#Entrepreneurs — 25.09.2018

Wealth Side Stories #2: Family Governance

Julia, Teck&Go founder & CEO, is thinking about the future of her company. Her private banker will help her to elaborate the best strategy...


Last Tuesday was one of the best days of my life! My little Emma, …well, not so little now, graduated. With a First Class Honours Degree! I’m so proud of her. I’d really like her to join me at the head of Teck&Go. She could take over before I retire, bring fresh vision to our business. But I’m not sure if this idea really appeals to her. If this is not what she wants short-term, I will have to appoint an outside CEO, someone who understands and shares our ethics and vision for the future of Teck&Go.

So, our family will keep an active role in the company by staying involved as shareholders in line with the management. We raised this topic with our private banker who strongly recommended that we set up a Family charter. He insists that it is essential to take the time as a family to think about Teck&Go’s future, in particular to avoid governance problems, define the strategy going forward and determine the role of each family member in operational management. Of course, we will receive our dividends and will still be kept aware of the development of the company. And it cannot be ruled out that Emma might one day take a more active role in the company!

And from now on, my private banker will continue to guide me in governance matters, with the help of experts he has recommended!

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