#Vineyards — 05.05.2021

Wealth Side Stories #10: Wine & Sustainability

Julia and Simon want to put in place actions to make their vineyard more sustainable. They are considering organic certification for their wines. Their private banker put them in touch with the relevant people in the industry.


Julia : "Thanks, darling. By the way, I wanted to talk to you about the vineyard. You’ve been spending a lot of time there since we bought it."

Emma : "And I’ve been discussing about doing more to make sure that our investments are more sustainable and we’ve got some ideas about the vineyard."

Simon : "Great minds think alike ! I’ve got some ideas of my own!

I don’t know if you remember, but when we bought the  vineyard, our private banker helped us to get in touch with the relevant people in the industry to assess the best opportunities.

What I saw then was that some good-name producers had already converted or were in the process of converting their vineyards to organic ones. There’s even an organic label that imposes certain standards to ensure that the wine is really organic. I have been looking at the market and there are plenty of other vineyards that have adopted similar standards without necessarily getting the label. And standards are different in each country."

Emma : "This is very interesting! Tell us more, Dad?"

Simon : "Well, let’s go walk in the vines then!

For the last couple of years, there has been a label for organic wines that ensures that the grapes are grown and wines are made without recourse to chemical compounds. Some producers are going even further. They’re creating a natural ecosystem between the grapes, the environment and the soil."

Emma : "This is impressive! So what about our vineyard?"

Simon : "Well, this is the great news. I’ve been working with the manager of the vineyard, and we are putting into place the standards so that we can have organic certification for our reds and the whites. It’s going to take some time but we want to ensure that our production is natural and chemical-free. We will be very sustainable and respectful of nature.

We want to go even further and make certain that our wine will be known for its intrinsic organic character."

Julia : "Great minds think alike ! This is what Emma and I wanted to discuss. It’s a great surprise.

Simon, let’s organize a sit down with the vineyard manager? What about you, Emma? Would you like to join?"

Simon : "That would be fantastic! You can see what we’ve already done and you can give us your ideas."

Emma : "I’d love to!

But practically, what does this mean? Is there really a greater demand for bio wines?"

Simon : "Great question Emma. The market is extremely fast growing. Like you, many people are conscious nowadays about their environmental footprint and are trying to take steps to reduce it through their consumption. It’s true for wine too! And to be honest, this will help us to differentiate our wines on the markets.  Buyers are really looking for good organic wines and we can bring them what they want.

I’ve seen a report sent by our private banker recently on the topic, I’ll share it with you, you’ll see, it’s truly fascinating! And Mom said, let’s go together to visit the domain so you can ask the staff all the questions yourself."

Emma : "I can’t wait, Thanks, Dad!"

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