Give meaning to your wealth

Did you know that you can have a positive impact on sustainable development through your wealth?

myImpact, a quick and easy questionnaire, enriched with comprehensive insights into the notions of sustainable development, responsible investment and philanthropy, guides you in this approach.

Define your investor and/or philanthropist goals and discuss the impact you would like to have on environmental and social issues.

In this way, we will be able to identify and develop financial and wealth solutions that correspond to your convictions.

Together, we will act to promote an economy, which respects ecosystems and is beneficial to all through responsible investments, impact investing and individual philanthropy.



Ready to discover your impact'or profile?

Are you a conviction or engaged investor? Are you a trusting, cautious or strategic philanthropist?

Which solutions match your profile? How can you easily incorporate sustainable development into your investment choices? How can you be certain of the impact your philanthropic approach will have?


If you are a BNP Paribas Wealth Management client, we encourage you to contact your relationship manager to discover what kind of impact'or you are and discuss Positive Impact.

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