What Makes Us Unique

At BNP Paribas Wealth Management, we know that your wealth is unique. It’s an expression of yourself that deserves to reach its full potential, and we are here to help bring that to life.

A Leading Private Bank

With €410 bn in Assets under Management as of June 2023 and 6,800 professionals in 3 hubs (Europe, Asia & Middle East), BNP Paribas Wealth Management ranks 1st in the Eurozone.

Innovation is at the core of our offering. We tap into an international network that leverages the deep industry expertise of our specialists and a personalized service that ensures you get the attention needed that is tailored to your needs and aspirations.

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A Resilient Group

Unlike competitors, our integrated model in a network is built on the ability to draw upon the global resources of BNP Paribas Group:

  • proximity with Retail Banking network
  • know-how from specialized divisions: CIB, Asset Management, Personal Investors, Securities Services, Insurance, Real Estate.

An appropriate and compliant diversification is leading the way, generating returns from portfolios more aligned with clients’ expectations. To provide a new level of investor experience, we increased the number of investment advisors that will handle all questions related to investment with clients directly or as a support to relationship managers to propose a personalized portfolio approach.

Customization of the investment portfolio results from an in-depth knowledge of the client’s detailed preferences in terms of investments (asset, classes, currencies, portfolio structure), and includes proposals of rebalancing based on changes in the client’s situation or in market environment, and our experts’ views.

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Across Segments and Geographies

Through its presence in Europe, Asia & the Middle East, it holds leading positions in European domestic markets (#1 in France, #1 in Belgium, #4 in Italy, a leader in Luxembourg) and confirms its strong footprint in European markets (Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Poland, Monaco) and also in Asia.

In all these areas, BNP Paribas Wealth Management serves a clientele of wealthy individuals, shareholder families and entrepreneurs seeking a one-stop shop for their wealth management and financial needs.

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