#Corporate News — 18.01.2022


CEO Wealth Management MEA - BNP Paribas Wealth Management

BNP Paribas won multiple honours at the 8th Annual WealthBriefing MENA Awards 2021 including:

Best Private Bank in the Middle East

Best Private Bank Servicing the Expat UHNW Community

Best Private Bank Credit Provider

Best Real Estate Investment Proposition or Service

Interview edited by Tom Burroughes, Group Editor at WealthBriefing

Interview edited by Tom Burroughes, Group Editor at WealthBriefing.

What sets you apart from your peers?

M.B. Without any doubt, our One Bank integrated approach is at the heart of our value proposition. BNP Paribas Wealth Management MEA is unique in its ability to leverage on the Group capabilities and in its engagement toward the region and the clients. In the Middle East, our bank serves more than 900 clients through its 40 experienced bankers located across UAE, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Saudi Arabia. BNP Paribas Wealth Management MEA offers a variety of solutions across investments, credit and wealth planning. Two divisions are especially appreciated by our Wealth Management clients in the region:

  • BNP Paribas Real Estate offers international expertise to GCC investors who wish to invest in European markets;
  • Award-winning Credit offer. Through our presence and set-up in the region, our clients have access to a comprehensive list of financing solutions including credit facilities, derivatives limits, residential and commercial real estate financing, as well as jet & yacht financing. Amongst the various key successful transactions implemented this year were international mortgages financings, first “green building financing” and trading equity accumulators.

In addition, our core differentiators are award-winning Global Islamic Banking Division Najmah, Investment offer and of course our SRI capabilities.

How have your colleagues contributed towards the success?

M.B. Our teams work together collectively to create more value for our clients and to contribute to the bank’s success. Each relationship manager is backed by a team of experts who personalise and adapt the Group’s solutions to a key event in a client’s life.


What are you going to do to stay ahead?

M.B. We look to expand our offering in terms of products, services, and delivery channels. We have put sustainable investment at the forefront of how we do business. We added to our range of services, such as a complete discretionary portfolio solution that enables clients to choose the impact of their investments. We continue to invest heavily in developing our digital platforms to ensure our clients have easy access to more information and can keep up to date on their investments. We are also looking at growing our high-net-worth and ultra-HNW segments, notably entrepreneurs and large families.

How has your business reacted to the pandemic?

M.B. We believe that knowing and understanding the clients, their needs and rising expectations, while communicating with them frequently, is crucial. Since the Covid-19 outbreak and the acceleration on digital, we also completely” revamped our way to engage our clients. We are using the new digital tools to multiply our events and updates, as well as to provide our clients with easy access to the market experts.

Have your differentiators become more important to your business?

M.B. SRI capabilities is one of BNP Paribas’ core differentiators, and sustainability is one of the key pillars of our bank’s strategic growth plan. According to our 2021 Global Entrepreneur & Family Report, entrepreneurial exposure to sustainable investing is growing, and 49% of investors now expect advice on sustainable investment portfolios from their wealth managers. At BNP Paribas Wealth Management, we are committed to accompany clients in their impact journey. Our first Responsible Investments team was created in 2006, and today we offer our clients an innovative journey based on the integration of the ESG dimension into all our services, our in-house sustainability clover rating methodology and exclusive digital tools.

In a rapidly changing environment, clients are also looking for diversification both in their investments and in wealth managers. They favour diverse global players with strong solvability and liquidity ratios. This is clearly a driver at BNP Paribas!

Finally, a growing number of our clients are also looking at private investments. Private deals are a strong differentiator for BNP Paribas Wealth Management with high-networth clients. Over the last 10 years, BNP Paribas Wealth Management has built a strong franchise with leading private equity and real estate fund managers.

What are the prospects for wealth management?

M.B. We will need to continue to grow, to accelerate our digital journey and to nurture our clients. In the longer term, we strive to become a leader in all our key markets. To get there, we will need to continue our transformation mostly around the following 3 pillars:

  • Client engagement: every project that we start, every strategy that we define must start with the client;
  • Sustainability: BNP Paribas is the bank of a changing world and the world is transitioning towards a more sustainable one;
  • People engagement: as I mentioned earlier, people are our bank’s most valuable asset.
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