#Corporate News — 08.12.2021

BNP Paribas Banque Privée presents the family transmission prize to the Trigano family

2021 BFM Awards

BFM Awards 2021

The BFM Awards, a prestigious ceremony celebrating entrepreneurial success, were held below the Louvre Pyramid in Paris on 16 November. For the occasion, BNP Paribas Banque Privée France, a faithful partner of these awards for 17 years, was present.

Animated by journalists Christophe Jakubysyn and Sandra Gandoin, the BFM Awards were broadcast live on BFM Business (TV and radio). In the presence of 500 chief executives and representatives from professional federations and the business world, the 2021 edition honoured start-up founders as well as leading figures in the industry.

A partner of the event since its creation, BNP Paribas Banque Privée was represented by its director, Nicolas Otton, who answered a question from the journalist Thomas Sasportas on the major trends of entrepreneurship in France. He said: “We are seeing an acceleration in business transmission to the next generation as well as the emergence of tech with the multiplication of start-ups.” Nicolas Otton also talked about the investment behaviour of entrepreneurs, during this year of recovery, with the sharp increase in responsible savings, the return to securities and the success of private equity.

During the ceremony, Marguerite Bérard, member of the Executive Committee and Head of French Retail Banking at BNP Paribas, went up onto the stage to present the “family transmission” prize to Serge Trigano and his two sons, Jérémie and Benjamin Trigano, for the hotel chain "Mama Shelter",  a concept created and developed within the family, together with designer Philippe Stark. "Congratulations on your know-how and the spirit you have passed on.” she said.