#Corporate News — 24.11.2020

Growing talent, delivering performance

2020 has brought with it substantial change; the years prior have yielded enormous technological advances as well. With the advent of a fully connected society, including real time mechanisms of reviews and feedback loops we have largely eliminated most gateways and opened the economy and our society. Instant access to information and the rise of new financial players allow clients to quickly replace mediocre providers with those able to provide a better service.

While cutting-edge and user centric technology is at the heart of the competition in the Wealth Management market, human expertise and talent are essential strategic assets distinguishing the best players. In a fast changing world, the fine-tuned competencies of our Relationship Managers are a key to success.

Business studies have shown that competencies often become obsolete after just 3 years of obtaining them, and this figure drops for digital skills in today’s market. At BNP Paribas Wealth Management, we aim to not only hire the most talented financial advisors, but also ensure they have the right level of skills and expertise at all times to serve our clients across geographies.

New regulations are introduced frequently; new technologies and new applications change the way clients, private bankers alike, access information and interact and new products are launched constantly. Against that backdrop, a key defining factor for the best private banks is their ability to renew private banker skills on an ongoing basis to ensure they retain the knowledge clients expect.

In this context, we are proud of the highly sought-after recognition garnered by BNP Paribas Wealth Management from Private Banking International for our relationship manager training program. This award received in October 2020 recognizes the excellence of the training offered to our Relationship Managers, in particular our Certification Program. This mandatory program deployed across all our offices since 2014 includes comprehensive training and assessment of technical and behavioral skills, ranging from Wealth Planning, Investment, Credit, Compliance,  and Commercial Stance. This global program is continuously enriched with new content such as Digital and Sustainable Investment skills.

“This distinction is yet another testimony from the market recognizing our culture focused on ensuring clients benefit from the best advice, once again it’s our culture that makes the difference, and it’s our people who make up that culture.”

Cynthia Cattiaux-Krzewski, Head of People Transformation at Wealth Management