#Market Strategy — 15.06.2014

Market Strategy Video June 2014

Florent Bronès

Financial markets are behaving unusually. Indeed, bond markets have been performing very well since the beginning of the year and stock markets are also at record highs. What can be said about this positive correlation?

The ECB has acted, with no surprises: statements were made to boost liquidity and credit for companies. The ECB also reviewed its economic scenario. What can we expect? And what are the two alternative scenarios that can be forecasted on a one-year horizon?

Moreover, mature stock markets will benefit from several positive factors. What are they? And how is the result positive?

Last of all, we will give you our recommendations, including a word of caution on bond markets.

1. Unusual behavior for financial markets
2. ECB has acted, with no surprises
3. Well-oriented stock markets
4. Our recommendations