#Market Strategy — 12.03.2015

Market Strategy Video March 2015

Florent Bronès

This month has been full of unexpected results from the ECB’s most recent decisions. Despite the general opinion that the state of the bond markets would at last begin to improve, risky assets – such as equities, corporate bonds and convertibles, have experienced a considerable improvement in performances. And as long as investors will continue seeking high returns due to bond yields being low, the chances are great that this trend will not be over soon. With that in mind, our experts at BNP Paribas anticipate that the stock markets should continue on their upward trend thanks to the rise in corporate sales and profits.

For more indepth insight and analysis into this month’s current market trends, watch this month’s Market Strategy video

1. Unexpected results from the ECB’s most recent decisions
2. Bond yields, an all-time low
3. Investing in the short term
4. Our conclusions