#Market Strategy — 15.05.2014

Market Strategy Video May 2014

Florent Bronès

Risky assets are very resistant. Financial markets have been in a sideways consolidation phase for several months. They are hesitant, but remain close to their highs. These risky assets, particularly the stock markets, are supported by three series of factors. Which ones? Furthermore, why haven't stock markets risen more? Why are long-term yields remaining so low? It seems that several factors are curbing the markets. We'll uncover 3 factors: geopolitical tensions from Ukraine, a disappointing Chinese economy and a lower than expected inflation in the mature world. Last of all, volatility on the financial markets is very low at the moment and fundamentals are moving in line with expectations, so our recommendations remain unchanged. Find out more!

1. Resistant risky assets
2. Factors curbing the markets
3. Our recommendations