#Market Strategy — 10.09.2015

Market Strategy Video September 2015

Guy Ertz

A general fear regarding the strength of the global economy seems to be driving force behind the volatility that the global equities market is currently experiencing. And the impact has been especially pronounced in China after its government decided to change its currency regime. Despite the seemingly dire outlook for the global markets, quite a few cold hard facts indicate that the market has over-reacted: going from current wages and jobs in the US, the high level of consumer confidence in Europe and in Japan and the ultra-accommodative stances of the European Central Bank and Bank of Japan. Additionally, past policy efforts – such as new budgetary and monetary initiatives, should in the end have the upper hand over deflationary fears.

For more indepth insight and analysis on current market trends to help you with your financial planning and investments, watch this month’s Market Strategy video.

1) The driving forces of recent market corrections
2) Are things looking up for the global economy?
3) Investment strategies in a global market