#Investments — 13.12.2019


This week, we welcomed some of our External Wealth Managers clients during a session when our Head of Jet & Yacht Finance, Olivier Blanchet, presented the market and our know- how on this segment. Here are the main takeaways:

Yet & Yacht conference dedicated to our External Wealth Managers

1/ Jet & Yacht Market

The Jet and Yacht market is quite large with a fleet of 20 000 Jets and 5 000 Yachts in the world. In value, these two segments represent USD 50bn each and are growing, especially in South East Asia.

2/ Why should your client be interested?

After Real Estate, Collectible Assets such as Arts or Cars collections, etc., Jets & Yachts are an asset class very much favoured by the UHNWI. Private Jets are convenient investments and Yachts are emotional assets, which at the same time present very interesting features : time saving, privacy, working platform, Leisure; They are an efficient way of optimizing end client's time and gather both professional and personal dimensions of their life.

3/ Our solutions

Our teams of experts are located in Geneva, Monaco, Hong Kong and Singapore. We accompany your clients through the entire journey, providing advice very early within the acquisition process to extract value in favour of the owner and the lender, giving some advices on the insurance aspects, builders, manufacturers and providers when it comes to contracts, and of course financing. Our objective remains to build up a relationship for the benefits of all the stakeholders : the end user and client, the EWM, BNP Paribas.

4/ Guiding your client
Jet and Yacht are specific assets, as they rarely generate positive cash flows. So it is all about spending money wisely and only at the right price with the best providers. Possibilities are numerous and it is always tailor made

Your EWM contacts :

George Falkner, Head of External Wealth Managers
+41 58 212 64 25

Christophe Cantala, Deputy Head of External Wealth Managers
+41 58 212 70 51

Rodolfo Lia, Team Leader External Wealth Managers
+41 58 212 43 09

Your Jet & Yacht contact:

Olivier Blanchet, Head of Private Jet and Yacht Finance
+41 58 212 76 64