#Investments — 10.10.2018

Wealth Side Stories #3: Private Equity

Julia, as a dynamic entrepreneur, wants to invest in others companies to help them grow. Her private banker told her that Private Equity funds may be considered as an option...


My company, Teck&Go is now well established in its market. It’s no longer like it was at the beginning of the adventure, before we built everything up! Now, I would like to help other companies to grow too, by contributing to their financing. I spoke about this to my private banker who suggested investing in a Private Equity fund.

This is a fund that invests in a dozen unlisted European companies that are already showing strong growth. To enable them to explore new markets or launch innovative products. This is a long-term investment, but I know from experience that it takes time to create value in a business. Moreover, the fund is an active shareholder.That means that it supports the management team of these companies in their development. The Private Bank has selected the best managers and vouches for their knowledge in the sectors and markets concerned, and for their ability to create value whatever the economic cycle. 

There are real prospects for performance! As these companies gradually grow, when they are sold or floated on the stock market to kick-start a new phase in their growth, I will start to see a return on investment. 

I like to feel like I’m contributing actively to the real economy! I do not just buy stocks, I also invest in real things!

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Private equity consists of investing in unlisted companies at different stages of their growth, with a view to optimizing their value creation by supporting their managers’ development strategy. Since 1998, BNP Paribas Wealth Management has established a proven track record in private equity investments offered to its clients. Our dedicated team offers an extensive range of exclusive investment opportunities from some of the best performing private equity funds in Europe, the USA and Asia.