#Corporate News — 11.02.2022


CEO Switzerland and Emerging Markets / BNP Paribas Wealth Management & Head Products and Services BNP Paribas Wealth Management Switzerland

We are honored with 3 major wins at the 10th Annual WealthBriefing Swiss Awards 2023 including :

Best Forex Solution Provider

Best Impact Investing

Best Customer facing digital capabilities

These awards are a testament to our commitment to our clients and the strength of our offering. 

Interview edited by Tom Burroughes, Group Editors, Clearview Financial Media, publisher on WealthBriefing.

What do you think makes your firm successful in its chosen field?

Caroline Gibault : This year, we have been recognised by WBA for our FX solutions provider our Impact Investing and our digital capabilities.

The best FX Solution Provider award is the recognition of the expertise of our (FX) desk capabilities. This outcome is proof of our ability to serve our most sophisticated clients with the highest-quality FX systems, products, processes and credit terms. The execution of certain client orders is now handled via a multi-dealer platform, resulting in better prices for clients, and the implementation of the MarginMan (MM) tool has resulted in an enhanced monitoring of FX trades and positions. The essence of our offer also lies in the fact that it comes with a high level of personalisation that closely follows the world of wealth management.

Best Impact Investing award: Our commitment towards a more sustainable world translates into our Wealth Management activity through innovating and differentiating services that position ourselves as pioneers with regards to positive impact solutions. We are convinced that a positive change can be achieved by combining the integration of sustainability in the liquid asset classes and the investment in impactful solution-providers. By doing so, we give our clients the opportunity to align their portfolios with their convictions.

We also have been awarded the Best Customer-facing Digital Capabilities: Among our latest digital innovations, we have the enhancement of our E-banking chat solution, which provides real-time conversations with our clients and a simulation tool for the visualisation of strategic asset allocation. We also launched a new Private Asset Portal (Private Equity & Real Estate), which gives clients a 360° view of portfolios with detailed geographic breakdowns, strategies and currencies available, alongside performance breakdowns for each fund and their consolidated portfolios.

Where would you like your firm to be in terms of sectors in five years’ time?

Beat Bachmann : Being “the Preferred Bank for Entrepreneurs & Families (E&F)” and “the Reference Bank for Financial Savings in Europe” are two of our strategic objectives. We are leveraging our team of experts, and we have investment and financial solutions tailored to our clients’ needs using our Group expertise. Our priority is to take the time to understand our clients’ needs and goals, and to use a proactive and structured approach to provide them with solutions in line with their unique requirements and country-specific circumstances. With our global financial network tapping into the top experts worldwide, we are able to provide very specific expertise to clients, such as structuration and promotion of capital market solutions, direct investments and club deals, niche private asset funds and co-investments alongside our PE/RE funds. 

What would you say is your firm’s philosophy?

Beat Bachmann : No country, business or individual can win in the long term in a world that loses. BNP Paribas understood the role that finance has to play in the transformation of society twenty years ago, and has been working since then to create new business models.

We mobilise all our financing and investment, employer, purchase and sponsorship activities to contribute to this transformation. In the wealth management business, our responsibility is to design innovative sustainable investment solutions aimed at empowering our clients to invest with a positive impact.

Our employees are committed not only in their daily jobs, but also through many opportunities offered by the bank to volunteer for social or environmental causes.

We lead this transformation because our employees want to create a bank they are proud to tell their children about.