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The Wealth Story of Nathalie Sauvanet

In this Wealth Story, Nathalie Sauvanet explains how her team sourced the right expertise to offer a personalised advisory service.

Nathalie Sauvanet, Global Head of Philanthropy

The Wealth Story of Nathalie Sauvanet

Transcript of the video

Hello, my name is Nathalie Sauvanet. I am Global Head of Philanthropy Services at BNP Paribas Wealth Management. My team of philanthropy experts advises private clients every step of their philanthropic journey.

I would like to share a story that illustrates how BNP Paribas Wealth Management’s ability to source the right expertise to offer a personalised advisory service makes it possible to meet our clients’ expectations.

We were advising a Belgian client whose project entailed several legal and strategic aspects that she needed to address. We worked closely with our colleagues in the Wealth and Estate Planning team, to provide her with practical and appropriate solutions.

The client was about to sell the technology company she had founded in Belgium. The company was valued at €100 million. During her previous entrepreneurial experience, she had encountered hurdles along the way. So her desire was to set up a foundation with a €15 million endowment that would empower and promote women in entrepreneurship and in scientific careers. 

She wanted to operate in Belgium, but also in France to keep ties with her daughter who had settled there with her own family. We advised the client on several aspects.


How did we advise her?

First, to help her draw up a philanthropic strategy, we carried out an analysis of the chosen aim of the foundation. We presented her with various areas to explore, including grants for science students and female entrepreneurs, partnerships with universities, information campaigns to fight gender bias in the choice of higher science education courses. Furthermore, we identified stakeholders and projects, existing already in France and Belgium, to inspire her to develop her own projects or form partnerships.

Secondly, during the implementation phase, in collaboration with our Belgian and French Wealth and Estate Planning departments, we advised her on the most fitting legal structure for her to operate in both France and Belgium. In addition, we gave her ideas on how to involve her daughter on the governance and strategy side, as she so desired.

The client has since created a foundation in which she and her daughter are involved.


What feedback/lessons can be learnt?

Philanthropy is a very personal affair. It is a way for our clients to act for causes dear to them. But it is also a solution to address numerous wealth issues, such as succession planning, the preservation and transmission of their assets or business, and the sharing of values within the family, or the protection of a spouse.

Drawing on our proven knowledge in the area of general public interest, the non-profit world, charitable foundations and donor-advised funds, we work with all experts across the BNP Paribas Group to provide our clients with personalised solutions.

Moreover, we stand by them over the long term, as their philanthropic projects evolve. My whole team of philanthropy experts, based in Europe and Asia, would be delighted to support you throughout your philanthropic journey.

Do not hesitate to contact your relationship manager to set up a meeting.

See you soon!